jeudi 2 juin 2011

New and past stuff...

Well last week I made several things and I didn't have time to post them so I do it now, and taking pictures I found older paints that I add today :)
Enjoy it!

1*** Some "Belle Epoque" illustrations

Water colour

colour pen, water color, acrylic paint, ink


2***Some famous stories illustrated in different ways

Sleeping beauty
 Acrylic paint, ink

 Acrylic paint

Hansel et Gretel

Water colour, ink, acrylic paint

Another la Fontaine fable "La Cigale et la Fourmi"

 Oupss I think I moved....

Acrylic paint, ink

 Hey what are you doing here?

3*** Hummmm this is my sister's portrait :)
 Acrylic paint, ink

4*** A gift for a friend who likes like me a british guy with a scar and glasses
But I think to know she LOVES much more these two guys! :)
 Water colour, acrylic paint, colour pen

 Ok few ones, because my personnal assistant needs me apparently!

5*** Those could be for Dita Von Teese I suppose

Water colour, acrylic paint

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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  1. Felicicades, tienes muy buenas ilustraciones, bellas y de calidad-.