dimanche 11 septembre 2011


Good morning everyone, today like you know is a special day because exactly ten years ago all our modern world has collapsed in front of a terrible disaster
I won't  write a novel concerning what happened on the 11th of september 2001, I think that we could never forget this day no matter where we live and i didn't believe that I would remember exactly what I was doing ten years earlier.
But it's true I can. I can see just like if it was yesterday. I was in the bus after school in the end of afternoon, radio turned on et saying again and again and again the all story. 
This day I discover what was the Wall trade center, and once at home and I saw the images on Tv I discovered what terrorisme was meaning.

I wanted to drew a piece of art as a tribute from a French artist who 10 years ago after this disaster became  in heart "American"...
The twin towers were not only building, that why I decided to work ont the topic of the twins like two ladies hurted...

This week, illustration friday was boundaries, and i thought it could be different from what i'm usually doing to use it for this day...

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3 commentaires:

  1. Interesting take on the the event. Nicely done!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I have been wanting to draw Mucha-like illustrations again and this has reminded me to do so. Wonderful work :)