mercredi 2 novembre 2011

Week end in childhood place!

Yes, I wanted to tell you  about my week end in my native place I didn’t see for a while ! I started to talk about it a little before, a bit after because it must be said that i didn’t keep only good memories from this place for different reasons, but in spite of everything I had few close friends.
So when i heard words like « cherbourg »(harbor in normandy), « autumn », « sea », I started to see all my life in front of my eyes and to remind me all these birthdays parties under the rain because we couldn’t guess the weather! That’s it if you don’t know what means the words “leaving close to the sea” and i’m not talking about what you can call « french riviera » and the « burnt » ladies who have not enough money to buy a complete swimming suit and who drink on the beach watching the big boats cleaning the sea with bleach... I’m talking about a sea alive!!!! Really alive! You know this grey sea with the grey sky ! 
Anyway my friend sent us pictures from the place of her birth, but only one view and i thought it was on a  ship, and i can tell you i really started to become scared ! Why??? How could i say this! Hummmmmmmm  « sea+me= :( »
So eating « ON «  a ship ?? No way, we asked my friend more clues and at last she accepted to give us more details, and that was this place !!!! 

I can’t tell you how much i felt better!!!!
But in Normandy in the end of October it’s quite hard to know what to put in your luggage!!And this is the advice of my friend: Forget the brushing, forget the dress, and forget the party shoes!! OK.........if you can find  a diving suit to rent, i take it!! :)
But i hate doing luggage in this case!

At last we try to make as better as we can to don’t look ridiculous for other people!! I can reassure you i just decided to wear a cap (a sailor cap bought this summer at “ La Rochelle” to be in the “atmosphere”)

A birthday is a big honour in my opinion, more particularly when you are invited by a person who invited only her family and few close friends! (i think you can say “close” when this person has seen you naked when you were a baby  (don’t forget to read this part “when you were a baby!!!”)
So it’s important to find a really special present, something where people could say WOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

And of course without becoming ridiculous (so the idea of an arrival in a really short outfit hidden in a big birthday cake has been canceled, i was to scare for old people and my parents, to scare they could have a heart attack) So I preferred making a pictures’ book with photos of my family and our friend since our birth!

Ahhhhhhhhhh but i forgot to say something !!! NO RAIN during the week end! So we have been able to walk a bit across the beautiful landscapes during the afternoon and for the night: improvised rock lessons!!!!!! (with acrobatics for my sister! Not me i preferred staying modest! Humm and i must confess i was scare to kill the back of my dance partners so we decided to do something easier !!!)
And at this time i learnt that we could dance with rock steps on Taio cruz’s songs !! It changed a lot from the traditional wouap wouap wouap wouap..........balabalabala...wouap wouap from our old rock bands!

I lost 5 litres of water dancing all night long!! And could remind  this day for several other because of my aches and pains!!

No i’m just joking, it was not the only thing, we spent really nice moments, being with people we didn’t see for a long time and people we just met in a charming place !
Just for the pleasure of eyes:

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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