vendredi 10 mai 2013

Fashion Friday : "3 funny ladies"

Alright, apparently more and more people enjoy my fashion friday posts! VICTORY!!!!!!!! But there are also many people who didn't know my blog until they saw my draws on the facebook page of three amazing ladies, i can use these words because i saw them on stage, because there are always kind enough to  post my draws on their page, or leaving comments............... because Iv'e been so happy when i heard their songs for the first time. As a big fan of Glenn Miller......(Yeah you can be in mid twenties and loving Glenn Miller!!) Benny Goodman, the andrew sisters......... i can't mention them all........ can you imagine when you see these 3 ladies on TV! No way!!! Swing is not dead, and what about their covers of RnB, rock, disco songs, "un délice"!!!!!!!!!! They are funny, gorgeous, in 200% on stage, amazing musicians, singers...................
Wowwwwwwww keep calm..and just listen the Puppini sisters :)

I'm use to draw them (actually i noticed that it's never really the same style, writing i don't even know if have a style, anyway) quite often, but this time i didn't do it for a i quite like filming when i paint, don't know why, i always loved watching other people working, it's like when you buy a movie in the collector version, i think i spend more times wtahcing "behind the scenes" than the movie itself! It's curiosity, or just to understand how it works........well today i just find funny to  add music, draws,to mix everything, well i hope it will be better and better everytime i'll do a video, for this one, the quality is not as good as expected, maybe i forgot to click on something when i uploaded it, did you notice: it's shorter than the last time! Serioulsy 8 minutes was too long.............

So again thank you to The Puppini sisters (Marcella, Kate, Emma, "Stephanie" and "Terrianne") for your caring...

So here is the fashion friday of the week :)

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