vendredi 3 mai 2013

Fashion Friday, tribute to Dior..

Do you remember when John Galliano was the artistic director of Dior? Of course I've got my opinion about what he said and the reasons of his departure BUT as a designer he was amazing, and honestly one of the best director of this "Maison de couture". 
In Paris we've got so many famous names  that you all know, don't need to mention, but sometimes i wonder why they are still open, I mean Chanel main goal was to make life "easier" for women (well that was what she said, but i don't think that the women who really needed to feel better in their clothes were exactly the clients of Chanel if you see what I mean, anyway, Chanel wardrobe was really modern in the 30's but these days they just use black and white colours to say it's Chanel code....) 
Alright where i want to drive you? I don't know, anyway it was just to say that I really appreciate Galliano as director of Dior, thinking the fashion catwalk like a theater or cabaret stage, it was really amazing and i remember to have been so excited before to watch it. 
Now i think the new director is maybe closer to the mind of Christian Dior (who wanted to be architect) but it's really less entertaining..........and it's just another "haute couture" name which will survive few years losing step by step its identity..............

YEAH bABY ! I made one!!!! I guess it will be better next time <3

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