vendredi 24 mai 2013

Fashion friday#4 they are alive!!! ( featuring London boys)

I know the title of this post doesn't make sense, but for me it does!!! So I felt a bit bored with the last paint, whereas i really enjoyed painted them, but when you do the same thing over and over sometimes you just want to try something different just to see how you could use it and improve your work. This animation is not really good, actually i don't pretend calling this an animation movie, it's just that i had this draw and i just found it quite ashamed that they can't move, some illustrators are really good to express the movement in their work, i'm not good enough yet, but i'm working on!!! So this week I wanted to try, to make an introduction to the net fashion friday, anyway you must try, make mistakes and try again, I know 'im like a teacher always saying the same thing, oh God i start to bore myself............... Ouch.
Well some part were funny to do, but I already know what I won't do next time i'll try stop motion, what i like in this kind of animation is pretty much when the picture is shaking a bit, but when it's a draw it just look really awkward, so I'll try again, maybe at the end, it will be less bad!

(can't upload the video apparently! brilliant, or maybe i'll try later!)

But because the video is so short, and I don't if I'll have time to prepare my video about my London trip, I choose to post these two illustrations, well it's fashion friday and London Boys are in my opinion more stylishhhhhh, (no offense ladies) just remember I'm from France and "gorgeous" seems to be unknown from french men! (sorry guys you got to improve a lot!!)

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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