vendredi 21 juin 2013

Mummy don't cry...........

Hello everyone, Gemini's speaking from Seoul. A long time i didn't post anything here, the reasons? Hummm few strikes just the day of my departure, but France without strikes is like England without rain, or USA without cow boys?! Well you understood what I mean, it's maybe  a bit "cliché" but unfortunately for me it's the reality, and of course, planes, trains, they all decided to do it the day of the departure............ So finally i moved the day of my birthday which means I left on the 14th, and arrived in my new city on the 15th of June. Nearly a week I'm here, and already quite a lot happened, in good, in less good, that's life. But during all this time I just tried to realize what was happening to me, and it took a while, and even now I'm not sure of what's going on!!! But it's time to go back to work, and to enjoy my new place of work, who already changed actually and because everything is moving so fast here I don't say it won't change once more maybe later....Welcome in Seoul.
But before this I must start from the beginning, the aiport! 
For the little story we were supposed to travel my friend and I, but for private reasons she had to cancel the flight few hours before, ok it's private reasons but it's also because of the ineptness of the french administration. (yep what I 
thought, nobody is really 
 anyway that day I really thought 
I would start my serial killer life!!!

Anyway, everybody felt really anxious, and it sounds a bit 
selfish, I was so 
dispointed for my friend, and it's still the case ,
 since she's still
in France...
Mum was really anxious, so actually it was 
not what i expected for this
departure. I thought my friend and I, we would leave,
 smiling and laughing
Saying goodbye with fun to my parents, but 
instead of this...

We spent a quite strange moment, my friend who 
is Korean had to stay in
France, and me (french) was leaving for Korea..........
A kind of embarrassing goodbye, a fast goodbye 
with dad who I believe 
didn't realize at that time I won't come 
back home in two weeks.
And mum......................

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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