vendredi 12 juillet 2013

Hard worker

Tomorrow it will be the first complete month i'm living in Seoul!!! Already one month, it's fast and at the same time i feel pretty comfortable here so it's like if i was living here for 6 months, well i still do mistakes but some things are going better. And i guess it's all thanks to new friends!
I realize that  didn't post as often as i should, i had plan to post nearly something everyday, yes, i'm always like this, you want to plan but as the end my curious brain sees something interesting and quite forget what i was supposed to do. but for around one week i quite found this desire to draw and to post as often as possible....................... i wonder if there is a relation with the fact that when "eat your kimchi" posted my draw on  facebook i received thousands of notifications of people saying they liked it (all the concept of facebook) etc................. ok i won't tell you all the comments (i'm already blushing just thinking about them) but it was really appreciate!!! i should print them and hang them on my wall, just to remember to do what i like!!!!

So for one week, i try to draw, even something quite insignificant, just need a pretext to draw, ahhhhhhh and also because i'ts raining so much................ but it's also a good topic for a new one (soon)

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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