dimanche 7 juillet 2013

Hey nasties..........Photobooth with Eat your Kimchi......

Hey everyone, it's crazy how just 5 minutes can bring back your passion. Maybe you've already heard if you're a you tube addict, or kpop addict, or even korea addict about the Canadian couple who made their studio (apparently not far away from my place in Seoul!!! (yeehee!!! can I come with the croissants tomorrow morning???)) called Eat your kimchi. I guess people got their own reasons to watch their videos, but the fact is  you start one, and then you realize that you watched nearly 200 videos, that you didn't work at all and you became a nasty!!!!! 
Simon and Martina: I found their videos while I was discovering at the same time this incredible country : KOREA at the beginning it was to see what the country really looked like, you know us poor europeans (and i'm not talking about the french people, too much to say) with arrogance and who don't see why we should teach or talk about anything concerning Korea, except the conflict with the north!! That's a fact, in like 15 years at school, I never learnt anything about Korea, not even where it was on the map!!! (and I guess there are still lots of people who can't, )but my interest was growing up and making some researches on you tube (and  a bit bored by people saying some stupidities all the time concerning Korea, I discovered one day the "Eat your kimchi" videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "success story" of these two english teachers is really amazing and inspiring!! So when I started to think about coming in Korea, no need to tell you how were people around me (i guess the majority was just worried because they just didn't know what Korea looked like!!! some others were just ignorant and remembering all the stupidities I heard, I think all the videos of you tube couldn't change their mind!!) Anyway, I showed to my parents, sister, friends, family and more the videos of Simon and Martina, and how fun could be (apparently) life there.....................
I don't know if it changed their mind about the country, because my mum was still scared XD but for me I felt in love with the country and it just pushed me to learn more, to watch other broadcasts, to learn about the culture, to write to penpals who became friends(and who came with me to say hello to Simon and Martina  by the way!!) to learn the language but also to do a big change in my life and to ask a visa to live there!!!!
Ok i still have no idea how to use the rice cooker............... but I know now that when someone tell me that I look like  a Russian because I'm blond, with blue eyes and really white skin, I should just say I'm French (eurkkkkkkkkkkkkk but it's just a question of survey!!!! don't want to meet another "sexy guy who wants to be sexy friends with me" in Hongdae streets on a thursday night!!! (ok i don't even remember if it was on thursday I was laughing so much after that meeting that i was just obsessed with this guy!! "sexy guy??? Oh Maybe I'm a foreigner but i'm not stupid!!! Super Junior Siwon is a sexy guy, not you dude!!!!!!!) Hummmmmmmmmmm why do I said this?? 

Ok so yesterday night with my friends Hye Ran and Jin su we went to an event which took place in Itaewon............ probably more Amercian than Korean (actually now i'm thinking about it, always listen your korean friends when they say: not a good place for you if you want to experiment korean life! now i understand, it quite made me think about north america! Ok just went to Canada but it's a bit the same kind of place, it's............ ok it was really for the event!!)Anyway in a "chaleur de gueux!!!"( google translation: "heat beggars" .......... yeah it makes sense(for me anyway)) we waited and were like usual like 35 minutes early, and then a friendly "hello" from the lovely couple, so happy to meet them: . So first time i felt small ( Because my friend Jin su is like 1.35 m................ so clearly I can't wear high heels when we hang out, I look like a giant, but after meeting Simon and Martina strangely this feeling disapeared! :) Anyway after few words and the duck face from an idea of my friend, let's taking some pictures!!!!!

((Ok is it just a feeling or my english is pretty bad today??? Maybe does it come from my neighbours who for once didn't listen "trot songs" from 6Am but a korean boradcast really loud because there are some constructions site not far away............. T^T ok i need a new place where i can see the sun and sleep quietly!! Hummmmmmmm hummmmmmmmm or maybe i'm just bad in english)

Alright why am I writing this novel?????? just for one draw?????? no the thing is I was really excited to meet them so before to come I made a draw (if you saw it, no it's not a print, it's an original, i just used pro marker that's why it looks like a print!! Anyway I gave them yesterday night, Martina looks like a modern pin up, with her make up, her pink hair, and Simon with his glasses makes me think to some characters escaped from "Mad men"............ so (why am i talking so much today?) i gave them, and then after few pictures and donations for the Link to helped and save the life of a refugee in North Korea we just said bye and left!
But when I came back to my place I started to draw a new piece, I don't know I think inspiration quite came back after meeting them in person, of course i would liked to talk with them but we were like around 200 people so ........ i thought it would be for another day, and while i was drawing thinking "too bad i couldn't talk more" i started to received messages etc ........ on social media............ until I noticed it was because Simon and Martina had published a picture of my draw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and in less than an hour the picture won  more than 2800 likes on facebook!!!!!!!!!! (god now it's 9000??!!) O..O

 NO WAY, so even if i was tired, if my head is still full of questions about my job, my life (why did i come to Korea, how will i pay my rent, will i find a job at least?...........) it just pushed me,  reading all the lovely comments from strangers (but big  family of nasties :p) to do a new one, waiting for  receiving the pictures we made with "Eat your kimchi" creators!

If you read until here, you're my new heroe.

The site of Eat your Kimchi if you don't know them
The site of the association to rescue a refugee LINK

PS; I still don't have a scan so all my apolgizes for this draw not as good as expected........... :( so it's only from a picture of the draw!

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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    1. thanks Vicky, still need a scna because working after taking a pic of a doodle is really not good!! more i watch it, less i like it !

  2. Such an adorable story - I'm so happy for you!

  3. Hiya!

    I just wanted to thank you again for coming out that night and for giving us such a lovely picture. We're keeping it at home. We don't keep pictures of ourselves around our house. Mostly silly pictures of animals we have, but your portrait was so beautiful that we're putting it on our wall. Thank you! You're exceptionally talented, and we're both flattered and honored that you'd spend your time drawing us.


    Simon and Martina

    1. I am really thanksful that you took time to send me a reply. As i said your videos were really important before to come here and so much more now! Korea is really a fun country with lovely people and i feel really blessed to live here! I feel really honoured that you decided to keep it in your place. I really admire how you made yout business here in korea and by staying yourselves you won so much popularity! Yes to have spent around an hour outside with nasty fans; you are popular \(^◇^)/\(^◇^)/ i dont know what to say, i feel honoured to had the chance to meet you. Someone even told me i was living in the street of your studio( promise i didnt know) maybe see you one day

  4. Salut!

    Wouah! c'est en effet superbe! J'aime vraiment beaucoup et moi qui suit Simon & Martina depuis 2 ans je les retrouve vraiment dans tes dessins :)

    C’est génial cette expérience! j'ai moi même l'attention d'aller faire un petit tour du côté de Séoul, voire ton expérience donne encore plus envie de tenter sa chance!
    Bravo encore ;)

    D'une nasty parisienne :)