mercredi 10 juillet 2013

Some days need more preparation!!

Here it is the rainy season seems to have started at least/ Korea, some people say it's good because it's refreshing, and it's quite true even if rain with a temperature of around 28°C is not what i prefer, and other people can't wait for the end of this period of the year. YEAH because after this it will be the typhoons season!!!! Youhouhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...................Because my room is underground i think i'll have to hurry to find a new place before that moment!! Anyway, for few days I check the weather and with around 88% of humidity, and the storm outside, now I need a little bit more preparation, more particulary concerning my hair..................... and just made a good investissement I guess: HAIRSPRAY, except I bought the cheaper, and it's clearly not l'Oréal, Gosh even after brushing my hair the hairspray is still here. The good thing???? My hair doesn't move at all!!!!!

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