mercredi 8 janvier 2014

Doggy Cafe

One of the things I can't grow tired of, living in a city like Seoul, is that it is full of surprises and - most of all - full of cafes.
The most popular district is probably Hongdae. There are so many choices, even sometimes a little too much, and we can lose ourselves for hours just looking for a place to have a drink. It is a hard decision. So usually after visiting places in the area, we think that we should come back another day because there is so much to see.
So the other day, maybe because we were missing hugs (even between friends we avoid public demonstrations of affection), we decided to try a dog's cafe ... so take care on where you have chosen, because you can spend a wonderful moment or your worst nightmare. The majority of the animals are clean and used to the place and most of the dog owners come with their lovely pet or pets. But you must take care, between the animals that jump up on the tables or others who sit next to you on the sofa waiting for some doggy treats, or who try to drink out of your cup (no...dogs are not afraid of straws), it can quickly become a shambles. Sometimes you even have to avoid some little slippery traps from our lovely friends ... so take care when you walk (and also where you walk)
But despite these little disadvantages, which can also happen with your own pet, we go primarily into dog cafes to hug, to play (don't judge us), give cuddles, to be a little ridiculous and talk to the animals like they are interested with what you tell them and not just interested in the little dog cookies you can sometimes buy at the entrance. A little advice for when you go to a dog cafe - first of all, check several times before you sit as one of them could have made a bad joke on the chair or a small one could have fallen asleep in a corner.
This is Hongdae, for good and for bad, and apparently I am not 100% sure that we chose the right cage this time, but it doesn't matter. Even if the owner doesn't feel enthusiastic about his job, the dogs are always happy to be pampered or to sleep for a few hours on your knee. And that's all we ask going into this kind of place, even if some of them are cleaner than others.
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  1. Super tes dessins, j'adore tes petites bêtes, c'est bête que le commentaire soit en anglais