samedi 1 mars 2014

Tico Tico

So i quite forgot some dates and events in France since I'm in Korea, of course i've got news to celebrate here but i also lost some............For example the carnival, it's the full season in France but to be honest except cooking some crepes, it's been a while since the last time my sister and I disguised ourselves, not especially because we grew up, but because like usual during this kind of events you have 2 kinds of persons, those who wear a plastic bag on their face and those who enjoy making their own outfit 3 months before and to expect a nice party, I don't know why but i'm pretty sure you guessed in which part of the people i am, anyway it was a good occasion to pay a tribute to this amazing entertainer who seemed to take part to a carnival every time she was performing................ the great Carmen Miranda.

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